What an awesome day for a Fun Run!

It was an AWESOME Fun Run in the sun today! Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who came out to help support our Timberwolves! We couldn’t have done this without you & had so much fun having everyone back on campus to help cheer our kids on!

Tonight is the LAST NIGHT to receive donations for the event, so please feel free to reach out one last time to anyone that may be interested in donating. All donations registered by tomorrow morning will also still count toward the APEX prize levels!

In addition, the top five teams/classes will have an opportunity to throw nearly 300 water balloons at Mr. Lange tomorrow!

Here is a current breakdown of the top 5 teams:

  • Coach DeArmas $187.50 per lap
  • Coach Snyder $154.78 per lap
  • Coach Connary $133.53 per lap
  • Coach Lee/Lopez $122.20 per lap
  • Coach Booth $114.83 per lap

We are excited to announce that we are doing an amazing job with our school fundraiser! We typically push this fundraiser the most because it is the only one of the year, and even though our overall enrollment is down by 125 students this year, we are almost level with what we raised last year! Let’s Goooo!!

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