It’s Super Fly Ty with your Apex Update of the Day (Thursday, 9/2)!

Important Announcements:

Our Apex Fun Run is
next Thursday September 9th


We will continue our classroom rounds today, spreading our leadership message! 

Today’s habit is all about understanding the importance of being a SELF STARTER!!! This habit is about knowing what gets us motivated to work hard. Self-starters take pride in the little things that help us reach success! We choose to use the spark to get us pumped up and excited each day to do our best!

Tonight’s Challenge: 

Participation Challenge! The class that has the most participants getting any sort of pledge (flat or per lap) will earn their entire class a free Apex award!

Thank you,

Your APEX and WC Team AS ONE

TOP 5 Teams as of 9/2!

Booth — Kinder
deArmas — 1st Grade
Diaz — 1st Grade
Snyder — Kinder
Inocencio — 2nd Grade

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