September Is a Fun and Busy Month at Wolf Canyon!

Only 3 Weeks until Fall Break and there is so much to fit into the Timberwolf family schedules! Let us help you break it down!

Starting September 2 your kiddos will talk about APEX everyday until the actual Fun Run which is September 12th! Everyday the APEX team will visit your kiddos classroom and teach lessons to help them become the best version of themself! With this comes daily goals to raise money for their school. Please support your kiddos! Not just for the prizes, but because they want to make a difference in their school and take a stand for their education!

Parent Teacher Conferences start September 12th. This means minimum days for the kiddos. Please make it a priority to attend the conference because this is an excellent time to get a one on one with the teacher and ask questions, address concerns and set goals for your children.

Starting September 16th before and after school there will be a Book Fair in the library. This is a great opportunity to find books your kiddos will enjoy at their level. We offer a variety of payment options and online shopping as well. 25% of the profits go back to Wolf Canyon!

Volunteer Opportunities! We need you!

Thank you so much to all of the amazing volunteers who make all our events possible! We are all so busy with work, school, and raising a family. That is why if we all give a little time when we can together we make a big difference! Please sign up when you can ❤️

September Opportunities:

Popsicle Friday

APEX Fun Run

Fall Book Fair

Happy Labor Day Wolf Canyon Timberwolves and thank you for your continued support!

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