APEX Fundraiser

APEX Fundraiser: On Tuesday we Kicked Off of our Apex Fundraiser. If you have been with us in previous years, we usually have Apex come in April. This year they are coming this week and the first week back after Thanksgiving break. Students will be getting pledges for the Fun Run which will occur on Thursday, November 29th.

Today the Apex Team visited our classrooms! We talked all about the 1st step in becoming a leader and being strong, which is to be selfless! This is not thinking less of ourselves (negative self talk) but the concept that it is important to think of ourselves less often and think of others more!

If you haven’t already, please be sure to download the Apex Leadership Co app or login to http://www.myapexevent.com with your child’s “Access Code” which can be found on the front of their pledge kit. We have switched our website from apexfunrun.com to myapexevent.com. Be sure to login tonight and begin watching this year’s STRONG theme videos. These videos are used as a tool to reinforce each leadership lesson outside of the classroom.

Here is tonight’s challenge-

The class that jumps the most in pledges will win a saran wrap day with the Apex team. Basically they will get to saran wrap the apex members to a pole and then see if they can all escape from the wrap

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