Nov 30th BOGO Bookfair

Book Fair

The Fall Book Fair begins this Friday. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up using the link below.

The Book Fair is open on 11/30 through 12/7, with the following hours:

Friday, 11/30: 8a-11a & 1p-3p

Monday, 12/3: 8a-11a & 1p-4p

Tuesday, 12/4: 8a-11a & 1p-4p

Wednesday, 12/5: 8a-11a & 1p-6p (Extended Hours)

Thursday, 12/6: 8a-11a & 1p-4p

Friday, 12/7: 8a-11a & 1p-3p

Theme: Enchanted Forest

Dress Up Day: Friday, 11/30

Nov 29th Apex Fundraiser

APEX Fun Run

If you haven’t already done so, please download the Apex Leadership Co app or login to with your child’s “Access Code” which can be found on the front of their pledge kit. We have switched our website from to

Be sure to login tonight and begin watching this year’s STRONG theme videos. These videos are used as a tool to reinforce each leadership lesson outside of the classroom. We will be running this Thursday.

9am – K-2 Apex Run Time

10am – 3-6 Apex Run Time

11am – 4-6 Apex Run Time